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Work group leaders

Key members of the Collaboration who lead aspects of the workplan

  • Dr Jamie Ranse
    Dr Jamie Ranse
    Founding Director and Lead for Strengthening Health Systems
  • Professor Julia Crilly
    Professor Julia Crilly
    Lead for Emergency Care
  • Dr Peta-Anne Zimmerman
    Dr Peta-Anne Zimmerman
    Lead for Infection and Prevention Control
  • Professor Alison Hutton
    Professor Alison Hutton
    Lead for Young People
  • A/Professor Tegan Cruwys
    A/Professor Tegan Cruwys
    Lead for Social Identity and Psychology

Strategic Advisory Network Members

Provide advice to, and recieve advice from, members of the Collaboration

  • Professor Wendy Chaboyer, Deputy Head of School (Research)
  • Professor Andrea Marshall, Professor of Acute and Complex Care Nursing
  • Associate Professor Mal Boyle, Academic Lead in Paramedic Education
  • Dr Michael Aitken, Emergency Staff Specialist and previous Clinical Advisor 2018 Commonwealth Games
  • Ms Michelle Buckland, Nurse Manager, Governance, Risk, Audit and Disaster
  • Mr Daniel Byron, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Robina Hosptial
  • Ms Helen Clifford, Advanced Senior Health Promotion Officer
  • Ms Deena Malloy, Senior Epidemiologist
  • Mr Peter McNamee, Disaster and Emergency Management Coordinator
  • Ms Kaylene Sutherland, previous Medical Manager 2018 Commonwealth Games
  • Dr Emma Bosley, Director, Information Support, Research and Evaluation
  • Ms Monica Farrow, Director Operations, Emergency Management Unit
  • Ms Rachel Latimer, Acting Executive Manager, Service Planning and Performance
  • Dr Peter Aitken, Director, Health Disaster Management Unit
  • Mr Brendin Boyle, A/Principal Project Officer, Health Disaster Management Unit
  • Dr Jeannette Young, Cheif Health Officer
  • Professor Paul Arbon, Torrens Resilience Institute, World Health Organization Collaboration Centre for Mass Gatherings and Global Health Security at Flinders University
  • Professor Maurizio Barbeschi, Adviser to the Executive Director, Health Emergencies Programme
  • Ms Kristy Austin, Clinical Services Manager, St John Ambulance Australia (Victoria)
  • Dr Paul Barnes, Australian Strategic Policy Institute
  • Mr Alan Eade, Cheif Paramedic Officer, Safer Care Victoria
  • Dr Karen Hammad, Disaster Readiness Solutions
  • Professor Alison Hutton, Nursing and Midwifery, University of Newcastle
  • Ms Julia Robinson, General Manager, Australian Festival Association
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Students of all levels join our team to complete discrete projects

Degree: Bachelor of Nursing (Honours)

Project: A retrospective cohort study evaluating the impact of a mass gathering (the 2018 Commonwealth Games) on emergency department presentations with communicable diseases.


  • First Class Honours

Conference presentation:


Degree: Master of Emergency Nursing (Dissertation)

Project: A retrospective analysis of drug and alcohol related patient presentations to the Gold Coast Health emergency departments during the 2018 Commonwealth Games.


  • Delany C, Crilly J, Ranse J. (2020). Drug and alcohol related patient presentations to emergency departments during sporting mass gathering events: an integrative review. Prehospital and Disaster Medicine. 35(3):298-304
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